‘EPIC: Futureproof news production thanks to a smart platform for modular journalism’ is a project in the context of the digital transformation programme for the media in Flanders. That programme is a part of the recovery plan called ‘Vlaamse Veerkracht’ launched by the Flemish government in 2020.

The plan concentrates among others on the better use of data, the sharing of a strong media infastructure, the connection with users, projects concerning desinformation and the transformation of regional broadcasters, according to the Flemish government’s website.

Project abstract

The EPIC project strives to the creation and implementation of a smart newsroom computer system (NRCS) as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS). That system supports newsrooms with story-based news production across different media (text, audio, video, imagery, …), channels (print, television, website, social media, …) and devices (laptop, smartphone, television, …).

EPIC combines multimodal, granular news content concerning one story (i.e. modular journalism). As a result, the software system will contain a state-of-the-art workflow throughout the whole production process – from research to production. A crucial element? Futureproofing journalism, through the use of smart tools and semi-automatisation.

Moreover, EPIC will incorporate the most recent European media jurisdiction. As a result, EPIC will be compliant with regulations concerning data protection and data privacy.

As a result, EPIC is a solution for newsrooms’ multiple challenges:

  1. News production has to go faster (and with less editorial employees),
  2. Nieuws stories have to be multimodal and multichannel,
  3. And news snippets have to be efficiently used for different news stories.

The SAAS-model – the foundation of the EPIC workflow and engine – will make the platform scaleable. Therefore, the platform will be able to grow with the editorial room and will be useful for both young media influencers who want to turn into professional players and large editorial rooms that need to integrate different news channels.

Consortium partners

Software developer Tinkerlist acts as the project leader. Other partners are legal office AContrario, learning institution Arteveldehogeschool, regional news medium Bruzz, video production company EMG and media group Roularta Media Groep.